The Uable Facilitator Role Description

What we offer:

Part-time online facilitation opportunities for educators 

Commitment to diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity

Flexible working hours and remote working


Facilitator Eligibility:

Minimum 2 years of relevant teaching experience.

Relevant degree in the field of expertise.

Proficient with using Google tools (Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides), generic communication tools.

Prior experience teaching children of ages 6-14


Overall roughly 22-25 hours/week including preparation, facilitation and reporting
Minimum 3 hours per day between 3 PM and 8 PM Monday to Friday
Minimum 4 hours per day between 10 AM and 8 PM on Saturdays and Sundays



You are a driven and curious person with aptitude and agility to learn.

You have a creative bent of mind with great interpersonal skills

You connect with children naturally.

You don’t settle with what-is; you constantly strive for excellence as an educator

Your Responsibilities:

Be a learning facilitator in an online environment for students between the age of 6-14

Be open to learn and facilitate across all roles and programs Uable offers

Embody different roles as a facilitator- be a detective, entrepreneur, cartoonist, architect

Be tech-savvy, stay updated with latest pedagogies and teaching techniques

Create a non-threatening, open and inclusive learning environment

Follow lesson plans and also add your own spin to the learning experience, keeping a learner in her/his zone of proximal development

Spark the learner’s sense of wonder and exploration

Probe learners to ask questions and think deeply about concepts and their application in a real-life context

Assess learners in a fair manner and give timely feedback on their skill development.